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Build a beautiful home.

The Biggers Company LLC is a custom homebuilder and developer based out of Charleston, SC.  Our mission is to build the highest quality homes, provide the best value, and to treat every build like it is our own personal home.

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Our Services


As a licensed residential builder as well as licensed realtor, Allen loves to get involved early in the search for new home sites.  Site selection is of the utmost importance in any project, and Allen’s wealth of experience here can help avoid many pitfalls.

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The Biggers Company has established relationships with many of the areas top architects and engineers over the years.  After determining the needs of the client, we are happy to facilitate the design and engineering process based on each person’s personalities and tastes.

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This is where the real fun begins.  Taking a piece of land, ideas, and two-dimensional drawings and making them a reality is why we exist as a company!  We will facilitate, brainstorm, and run the project as if it our own personal house.  Every dollar is accounted for and every option is thoughtfully offered and considered.  At the end of the project, our goal is that every client is overjoyed with the design and construction of their custom home.

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Ready to start working on your new home?

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